12 January 2008

Film Screening This Sunday.

Special Showing this Sunday Evening, January 13 at 8PM!!!

In light of the recent developments concerning the results of the New Hampshire primary that took place earlier this week, we are proud to announce a special emergency showing of the award-winning 2006 HBO film Hacking Democracy.

This film documents the story of Seattle's Bev Harris, who started the organization Black Box Voting.org. As we will see, the important and under-reported investigative journey she took led to the discovery that the voting machines used in American elections since 2000 are easily hackable.

*Please excuse the short notice of this announcement, but after reviewing Dennis Kucinich's call for a recount in New Hampshire and finding this film, I thought a special showing was called for, especially since I have some American friends and family in town who need to see this film. Beginning in February, our regular film night for 2008 will be held on the THIRD FRIDAY OF THE MONTH. We can show this film again for those of you who cannot make it on such short notice.

To see a clip and to read more about the film go here.

To read more about the disputed election results go here.

Where: Via Toscanella, 33 (near Piazza della Passera in the Oltrarno)

When: Sunday evening, January 13, at 8:00 PM

Donation: 2 Euro...(to go towards the purchase of a video projector, chairs, etc.)

If you like, please bring a snack and/or beverage to share.

Also, if you have an idea for a future film, lecture, reading, etc. please contact us. Your ideas and suggestions for future programs are welcome and encouraged!

About the Artists' Workshop, Firenze:

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