08 January 2008

See you soon!

Hi everyone,
My name is Andrea and despite the name I’m a man (you’ll learn in few days Andrea is a male name here in Italy).

It’s pretty exiting to know you already begun to work, unfortunately I live in Rome and I won’t be able to meet you before the workshop but we’re going to spend together one week that I hope will be intense and pleasant.

During the workshop you’ll be invited to look at the documentary with an artistic, narrative and experimental approach.
Beginning from the study of few paintings we will follow a path that goes from the different ways of filming reality to narrative examples of fiction movies applied or applicable to the documentary language.

A good part of the workshop will be dedicated to practical exercises in order to understand better the theoretical part and to learn how to use the basic of the camera and of the editing software.

I’ll be following your journey using the blog so I hope to have a small summary everyday, if you have any question we can use the blog to talk or you can e-mail me (and757@gmail.com).

Enjoy each day of this experience!
See you soon

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