31 January 2008

Multi Media Cinema

We are in the fourth week of our winter term The Director as Story Teller: Creating the Documentary. I am very proud of our students dedication, courage and passionate creativity!
Our students have been honored with the presence of very creative, talented and unique mentors. Andre Parente a independent director form Rome who taught a fantastic workshop on The Psychology of the camera and really helped the students understand the concept of letting the story motivate the camera along with a true pearl of wisdom for all independent film makers "Let your limitations be your inspirations!"
This week we have an incredibly inspiring artist Andi Nufer who is taking our students creativty to the max with her installation art and mulit media concepts. She is helping them bring a deeper creativity and origionality to their documentary films that will make their work stand out among the glut of film shorts!
Yesterday we were introduced to the concept of mind mapping and I would like to direct our students to a website and video clip that explains that in greater detail.

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