21 January 2008

Homework for Monday

I just wanted to post the homework that will be due for tomorrow. After discussing the significance of composition in images and analysed a few paintings (both figurative and abstract) as well as some photographs, the following assignment will be due tomorrow:

1. Create 3 photo compositions

2. Use the following questions as a guideline to ask yourself before/after to assess the strength of your compositions

1. Why did your eye go to its particular starting point in the image?
2. When your eye moved away from its point of first attraction, what did it follow?
3. How much movement did your eye make before returning to its starting point?
4. What specifically drew your eye to each new place?
5. Are places in your eye’s route specially charged with energy?
6. If you trace out the route your eye took, what shape do you have?
7. How do you classify the compositional movement? Geometrical, repetitive textures, swirling, falling inward, symmetrically divided down the middle, flowing diagonally, etc.
8. What parts do the following play in a particular picture?
A. Repetition
B. Parallels
C. Convergence
D. Divergence
E. Curves
F. Straight Lines
G. Strong verticals
H. Strong horizontals
I. Strong diagonals
J. Textures
K. Non-naturalistic coloring
L. Light and shade
M. Dimension
N. Human figures
9. How is depth suggested? Depth is always a construct. How is it made in a particular image?
10. How are the individuality and mood of the human subjects expressed?
11. How is space arranged around a human subject?
12. How much headroom is given above a person, particularly in a close-up?
13. How often and how deliberately are people and objects placed at the margins of the picture so that parts are cut off?

3. They can be connected or not, that is up to you.

4. Please place them on a CD to present to the class and be ready to explain the choices that you made

See you tomorrow! We are going to watch La Jetée as well as discuss your photographic composition projects and continue honing in on your final documentary projects...

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