07 January 2008

The First Day Of Class.

The day was drizzly outside and apart from the lack of the heater engulfing the room (promised to be fixed tomorrow), I think that there was a warm, vibrant energy that permeated the first day of classes today.

What does everyone else think?

A lot of paperwork was covered, as is usual for the first day. But I am happy that we were able to show Eye Talk and Joseph Campbell: A Hero's Journey: two films that will be an impetus for the upcoming eight week program.

The students are from diverse parts of the world, specifically Chris from Nigeria, Jamy from South Africa and Nannette from the Dominican Republic. I hope the experiences that they have will enrich the program and that their insights will be mutually beneficial. I have no doubt that this will hold true.

Students, as we spoke during class, please make this your spot to communicate anything to one another and to us as we hope this will be an excellent forum and benefit for the program!

Just as a reminder (for Tuesday 8 January):

1. Please do the reading assignment from The Writer's Journey in preparation for class.

2. After watching the documentary involving the notion of myth and its commonality in life, please think about a myth from your own region that in some way resonates with you. It doesn't have to be profound, but at least be thoughtful.

3. As Elizabeth encouraged, make an effort to do your MORNING PAGES when you wake up. It may not seem easy at first, or you may not know what to write about...but think of it as unloading your random thoughts so that you can utilize your creativity in a more productive way. I highly encourage it!

Also, although you have a hard copy of my syllabus, I am attaching a PDF File if you need it.

Have a good night. See you tomorrow. Get your camera faces on!!! ;-)

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