03 January 2008

Greetings from The Music Guy

Hello to the FFS family-

My name is Loren Taylor, & I'll be teaching a workshop on music & sound for film. In keeping with the artistic direction laid down by director Elizabeth Monroy, the main thrust of this workshop is simple: to spark your brain cells and opening up your thinking. Specifically in two ways: 1) to think of music & sound not merely as an add-on to the visual image, and 2) to demonstrate how music & sound can create moods & feelings.

I'm hoping that my experience with FFS is as much a learning as a teaching experience. I'm looking forward to getting to know the students not just as receptacles for information, but as artists. And I've heard so much from Elizabeth about the creative atmosphere of Florence that I'm excited to meet the other instructors and find out what they're all about, too.

For those who are interested: you can find out more about me from my website (http://loren-taylor.net/bio.html), or drop me an e-mail (mail@loren-taylor.net) with any questions, comments, feelings or observations you have.


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