29 December 2007

welcome students!

i'd like to say hello and introduce myself~ i'm andi and i'll be teaching this semester's "creating multi media cinema" class. i'm excited to work with individuals to find the artist's voice through exploring the infinite possibilities opened up when film, performance, and visual art elements combine. each student's unique investigation of how the use of voice, sound, scene, costume, prop, visual art, multimedia elements, live performance, and the range of content and concept that we will explore is something i cannot wait to see...here's to you and your creative power!

looking forward to working with you,

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Florence Film School said...

Welcome Film Makers of the Future!!!
I would like to extend my warmest greetings to our growing film community of students and professionals. I am the director of the Florence Film School and we are now entering our second exciting year and have many new and innovative programs in place for 2008!
We are a non -profit organization with the mission of instructing,inspiring and promoting artists with a positive vision for our planet!
We hope that our blog will encourage students and professionals alike to explore the limitless potential of film as we enter into this wonderful new renaissance of technology, awareness and limitless perceptions of new realities!
We offer many programs at our school including eight week intensive film making semesters abroad as well as a one year professional certificate program.

We are also the main sponsors of the Florence Film Festival an International Student Film Festival that highlights creative and innovative work of emerging film makers as well as serving as a teaching and learning forum for cutting edge creativity.
Please feel free to post comments, open discussions and any thing else you feel would be helpful to our mission!
Thanks again and all the best in 2008!