10 June 2008

What's new at Florence Film School

What's New!

With so many exciting new things happening here at the Florence Film School it is difficult to know where to begin.

First I would like to introduce our new Student Coordinator Hannah Urkowitz!

Hannah Urkowitz is a Multi Media Artist, originating from New Jersey. She Holds a Bachelors of Arts Degree from Albright College dual majored in Studio Art and Digital Media. She has previously studied at Studio Arts Centers International (SACI), Moore College of Art and Accademia Italiana. She has assisted in the filming of a two documentary in Ghana, West Africa to support the NGO Women in Progress and shown nine films with the Berks County Pennsylvania Film Society Worked as a technical intern for Berks County Television. For three years Hannah’s works were accepted into the Pennsylvania Freedman Gallery's Spring Juried Shows. In 2006 she was awarded the Fine Art Commission award for the acrylic painting "The Pro Choice Deli". She currently works freelance as a Videographer, Photographer, Web and Graphic Designer. ¬

She is a great gal who has joined the Florence Film School to help teach workshops, mentor students in the latest motion graphics, animation and editing techniques. She will also be on hand to help students to have fun; meet film makers, artists and musicians living here, participate in parties, and events and make important contacts for your career as a professional film maker!



Our most recent graduate Nannette Del Carmen is at THE CANNES FILM FESTIVAL with the film short Eve olution. She will be promoting her film, making pitches to international distribution companies and attending great parties through the contacts she made here at Florence Film School!

May 23- 22nd The Florence Film School in affiliation with ABC news is producing a 2-hour special that will air on ABC in the United States this Fall called, Earth 2100

This is a show about what the world's top scientists, economists, and historians say our world could look like by the year 2100 if we don't act now to save our troubled planet. Experts say that the "perfect storm" of climate change, resource depletion, and population growth could converge with catastrophic results.

This Spring, leading up to the broadcast, we're launching a massive online event engaging people from across the globe to create their own versions of the next century. The Florence Film School and other journalism programs will be recruiting people interested in being our 'reporters' from the future. This is an incredible opportunity for young filmmakers to create short videos on issues facing our future, and we will incorporate the most compelling submissions into our national broadcast.

July 7th- August 29th : Summer Eight Week Film Making Intensive & Workshop Series begins!

Learn the latest in digital film making, motion graphics and film productions form international professionals form around the globe in one of the most beautiful cities in the World Florence, Italy!

Join our eight week intensive or take a week long workshop!

July 11th Welcome Party:

Students will meet other film makers, artists and students here in Florence.

August 29th: Multi Media Event premiering the Summer Intensive Film Project.



This summer and fall we will be bringing in a host of professionals in Film Production in from all parts of the world to teach and mentor our students on their own projects. We have a fantastic staff of top professionals and fun activities where you can get to know them both professionally and personally.

Each Issue of The Florence Film School Newsletter will highlight one of the many guest lecturers who will presenting a workshop at our school and /or participating in a our Florence International Film Festival Teaching and Learning Forum

This issue we are focusing on Larry Sugar:

With over 35 years in the film and television industry Larry Sugar has been fortunate enough to have had very diverse opportunities. He has run major corporations, produced dozens of feature films. He has written both screenplays and teleplays, and produced over 400 hours of television programs. He has owned and operated his own international distribution company.

In addition to a career within the entertainment business, he has also been a lecturer at many U.S. universities including UCLA, USC, Brandies University and Tulane University. For approximately 12 years, and created his own class at the cinema department of the College of Santa Fe (entitled The Business of Entertainment--Finance, Production and Distribution) to help students understand the ins and outs of succeeding in the business side of Film Production. He presently lives and works in Vancouver BC, Canada and has recently completed a series for the CBC.

He will be on hand to help student film makers learn the business of selling, distributing and receiving funding for their films.


Our students receive year long passes to all the major museums and gardens here in Florence. We arrange special tours for our students to experience this amazing city through the eyes of a Film Maker. Our Tours focus on the Art Treasures helping students learn the art of storytelling, developing a cinematic eye, scouting film locations, listening and recording the sounds of the city, animating works of Art and many more creative and fun ways to inspire students and utilize this unique opportunity of film making in Florence.


Florence Film School also organizes Happy hours, Artistic Events and Club nights where are students can meet other students in our creative community for collaborations on their projects and to form important contacts for their future and have fun!!!

Creative Campus is a fun and challenging opportunity for students living in or visiting Florence. It offers an innovative approach to night-time entertainment, the chance to learn about other cultures, and feel a part of a community, especially if they are far away from home. Students create and participate in cultural projects that help enrich their lives and the surrounding community. Along with FITC professionals and community members, students also work with their peers from all over the world.

This summer the Creative Campus events will include:



Musicians and Singers Needed!



If you like children, art, and performing this is for you!


Pair up with local teens to create a performance together

What Is Creative Campus?

“… the most important part of my experience in Florence.”

“one of my greatest memories from my time abroad.”

“an amazing experience.”

Former Creative Campus students

Come visit us at our summer kick-off event on June 5th at 8:30pm at and learn about our programs and talk to company members. Other events in June and July can include an Art Crawl and the launch of the Global Creative Campus Initiative. Please contact info@florencetheatre.com for any questions or inquiries. You can also visit us at www.florencetheatre.com.

Theatre Internships:

Student can attend and or work with one of the International Theatrical Companies here in Florence to learn the art and craft of acting, stage design, lightening, stage management.

Video Documentary Making:

Student can film short promos and documentaries on their projects and the artistic happenings around Florence and post them on our U Tube news channel New Renaissance News and work in our video journalism program with Florence’s Online Newspaper.

Professional Films Shot on location in Italy

Our students have opportunities to work with Professional production companies who come to Italy to shoot their films. Our last group of students went to Venice during the Venetian Carnival and worked with a British Film Maker. Now one of our Directors will be meeting up with them in Cannes!


The Florence Film School working together with The Tuscan Film Commission and our Media Partner The Florentine. Together we will be sponsoring the first International Student Film Festival as part of the 50 days of cinema. The 50 Days of Cinema is a Festival already a great success with a long track record! Sandwiched into the 50 days festival is The French Film Festival, the Indian Film Festival, The Women’s Film Festival and The Documentary Film Festival and more, we are honored to be part of a prestigious established Festival. We look forward to the great contacts and opportunities our students will have premiering their films, attending parties and symposiums with professional film makers from all over the world! Students from The Florence Film School will have an opportunity to intern in the Festival and attend the Gala Parties!


Julian Ulrichs a recent graduate from The Florence Film School had his film short Eye Talk which he filmed in our program, accepted into The Durango International Film Festival. He has returned with wonderful tales of being hosted at the Festivals Hotel and attending all the parties and where he made some great contacts with other independent film makers!

In June he will be going to Nigeria to film a Documentary on Female Genital Mutilation.

Elizabeth Monroy
Florence Film School

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