19 February 2008

The EVEolution EVEnt


The EVEolution EVEnt

Eve has been kept in the dark, in the shadows of men for eons. Now is the time for Eve to step into the light and redefine herself as a woman, can she? And Will She?

Two women Directors Jamy Silver and Nannette Del Carmen would like to invite you to the premiere of their film short: EVEolution

After the film we will have an open forum on the topic of women in the new era. Can women rule the world, as women?

We would like to hear your opinions and also video tape the open forum and put some of the comments on our blog. It will be a lively and energetic evening discussing and defining the role of women as we face the "Dawning of the New Eve".

Please join us on Friday February 29, 2008 at 8:30 pm at
The Artist's Workshop via Toscanello 33 r (near the restaurant 4 leone.) .

Best of 2008!

Elizabeth Monroy
Director/Florence Film School

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