15 March 2017

Why Florence International Film School????

 Are you passionate about making films?

Do you feel you have a story inside you that is just bursting to come out?

Do yo feel good stories could not only heal the world but make it a much better place?

Have you looked into International film schools?

Do you want to find a school with excellent international film professionals to mentor you and nurture your talents?

A school the combines the latest technology with Art?

Are you looking for a School that is located in the heart of Europe and is the birth place of Art and the Renaissance?

A place where artists from all walks of life flock to be inspired by the creative energy that has moved some of the most famous artist of our times?

A culturally rich and diverse town where thousands of  tourist  from all parts of the Globe make their pilgrimage each year.?

Yet a town so small town you feel at home at once and everything is ten minutes walk from the beauty of our Duomo I am of course talking about Florence, Italy and the Florence International Film School.

We have been so blessed to have the most beautiful city in the World filled with the most talented and creative artists who mentor our students and many work on our students projects out of love and devotion to the Art and Craft of the film making process.

If you have that kind of devotion and passion about film, if you feel your life’s purpose is to heal, inspire and free humanity with your storytelling talents?

Then perhaps Florence International Film School is what you have been searching for and we for you.

FIFS is highly selective school that is seeking people that want to uncover their gifts and talents and share them with the world who have a Vision for the betterment of humanity. 

We are highly selective because we don’t want you to be a part of our school if you are not committed to the values, and visions we have created. For example  many people feel  that going to fil mschool is waisting your money and all you need do is to just buy a camera and go out and spray video.with the incredibly rapid growth of  technology more and more people have access to film production. In fact going to film school for the sake of learning technology is something I would invite you to reconsider. If you are just going to film school and treating it like a trade school to learn to operate latest camera or software program then I believe you are waisting both your time and money. First of all, if you are spending huge sums of money to learn the latest new thing then by the time you graduate you may very likely not have a job because in our present day and age technology turns changes every five minutes. What was  new today will be old hat by tomorrow. 

Good Film Schools like any good school teach students how to think, to create and above all to learn about yourself. What types of stories move you what do you have inside of you and how do you share it with the world? This is what FIFS will help you to learn. 

We are invested in you not just to make money from charging you outrageous tuitions which we do not. We have one of the lowest tuition rates around. But we are looking to find talented visionaries who can create films that will heal and inspire future generations. 

Most film schools teach you, then through you out into the highly competitive world of film where less than 50% of film school graduates find work. 

At FIFS we have long reaching goals and a production company Infinite Human Productions that produces all our student’s films, and our sister company the council of Global Enlightenment through creative Media which works on distribution. We are researching the ever expanding markets of video distribution to connect with our marketing niche and get the films we produce to that market. All of FIFS student and alumni films are first considered for distribution.

So these are not only great reasons for investing in yourself and film school but investing in FIFS aa part of your future.

Many film school charge you exuberant fees and teach you the latest technology so you can get a job in the growing film industry. The problem with this is that technology is changing so fast! If you are hired to for one specific job based on your technical training what will stop the industry from hiring the next graduate who has just graduated with the new least technical skills. 

What kind of students come to FIFS. Very gifted students form all parts of the globe with much cultural diversity. The one thing they all have in common is a burning desire to tell great stories and they all speak English!

As a student at FIFS you  gain inspiration from our beautiful city of Florence! Its museums, churches, palaces and piazzas. This incredible art community where students from all over come to study some is a wonderful city to have fun in. At night all the piazzas fill with students from all over the world and people enjoy music and fun. Day trips to Rome, Venice  the Coast and Beautiful Medieval Towns which have appeared in a multitude of films are easily accessible on week ends. 

In short your time spent in Italy will indeed be one of the most cherished times in your life and you will learn so much by living and creating and enjoying la dolce vita. It will translate into your work into your art and into your life. 

Please join us!

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