26 December 2007

Alas, the Blog!

Now that the Christmas festivities have passed us by, I wanted to devote more energy to get the blog that I have been discussing for some time now in working order.

First, I want to thank you, the reader and contributor, for taking the time to read as the construction of this blog, and by extension The Florence Film School, takes its creative shape.

Much time and devotion have been poured into the program and the creation of this blog is merely an extension of this hard work. It also functions as a way to develop a dialogue amongst the facilitators and students in somewhat of an organized and moderated fashion where everyone involved can demonstrate ideas, formulate questions and also vent their frustrations if necessary.

Students, use this as a tool to keep informed and communicate in a forum in order for all the other students to benefit from the issues that need to be discussed and clarified.

Likewise, instructors and mentors are encouraged to post new thoughts as well as maintain a running exchange of their upcoming classes and models of study.

For the time being I will be moderating the blog (Jason Moore) . If you have any further questions, please post them here and the answers shall be provided if they can be.

Thanks again!


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